4 Fun Facts from Sassy Sash Founders Angie & Britni

Maybe you've been following us for years or maybe you are new,
either way we are EXCITED to launch our Sassy Sash Blog by sharing
4 Fun Facts about each of us!

Angie has been a Big Sis through Big Brothers and Big Sister for over 3 years.
She was recently recognized as a finalist for Big Sister of the Year!
Her and her Little Sis enjoy going to amusement parks, museums, the movies and crafting. 

 Harris Family A League of Their Own Halloween costume Britni Harris Girl Mom Family Photos Harris Girls Sassy Sash mini helpers mail day
 Britni is a Girl Mom to 3 littles
and each of them have Hawaiian middle names
in honor of their dads Alma Mater, University of Hawaii Hilo.

Tyler Anela
 (7) loves fashion, dancing and is learning to be a softball pitcher.
Sage Leilani (5) is a cartwheel loving, goof ball with a heart of gold.
Cameron Kalei (3) may be the baby of the family but she is the Boss of the house who
loves making silly faces and is the best little helper at Sassy Sash HQ.


    has found a passion in serving on mission trips and has had the honor
    of traveling to Uganda, India, Belize and Haiti to love on kids and build houses. 


    Cave diving in Belize Cave exploring in Bermuda
     Britni has a taste for adventure and has been
    cave diving in Belize, Bermuda, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

    Angie is quite the thrill seeker. She has swam with sharks in Hawaii,
    been sky diving twice and is an official Firewalker (with the scar to prove it).

    Thomas Britni Harris Wedding Fullerton Arboretum Thomas Britni Harris Wedding Fullerton Arboretum
    Britni met her husband Tom in the 3rd grade, reconnected after they both graduated from college
    and are now coming up on 10 years of marriage!
    Angie has danced on stage at a Rascal Flatts concert with her college roommates
    and even made it onto their tour bus after the show.

    Britni Harris Ball State Softball record holder 2004 
    As a Softball catcher, Britni is one of the top fielders in school history at Ball State University;
    which happens to be where she and Angie met studying fashion design and merchandising.

    We loved getting to share a little more about us and would love to learn more about YOU!
    Comment with one or a few FUN FACTS of your own and you will be entered to WIN a $25 Sassy Sash Shop Credit!


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